The Bracken Ridge Bulls Uniform is here and we started with a short, simple catalog but we have some amazing new items added to our winter collection.

All enquiries to info@bullsnetball.com

OUR ONLINE STORE IS NOW OPEN and everything is there.
Our Uniform partner is hosting a store for us and you can order/pay securely straight from EV2 (Emu Version 2 – New Branding) but be quick because we are only open for a short while for orders then we send the order to the factory.

Click the link and check out the merchandise. Then order the pieces you want so you can look great at Netball (or anywhere else)

For taking the court…

Playing Dress
Your amazing dress for 2022

Playing Singlet
Not just for the boys

Bike Shorts
Plain black bike shorts are also an option but for the complete kit…

Umpire Polo
When you want to blow a whistle

For everywhere else…

Look the part on the sideline or wherever you are

Just like Footy Shorts but they’re Netty Shorts

Draw String Bag
Put your gear in here

For when it gets cold…

Champion Hoodie
Look cool while staying warm

Puffer Vest
Look cool and buff while staying warm without sleeves

Elite Hoodie
Look cool (with a zip) while staying warm

Puffer Jacket
Look cool and buff while staying warm

Lycra Tights
Look cool while staying warm

Carry your gear and even get your name on it for a couple of bucks

As with last year, our winter wardrobe will be ordered in one special order so be ready.

According to Shirley J. Wenrich, author of the book All the Colors of Life: From the History and Mystery of Color, red is the best color for sports as it represents energy and vitality. Similarly, in the book Power of Color by Robert Gerard, red sparks energy and enthusiasm.

Red in sports also increases athletic performance.

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