To build young people up and ensure we all stay up when we get a little older.


To combine family spirit and striving to excel, we aim to provide role models to each of our players while empowering them to become role models themselves.

Family and the love of winning are what continue bringing us to Netball. We may be the smallest club at our association but we are not the quietest. On a Saturday during Winter, our teams will be goofing around at every opportunity. Our coaches often joining in and maybe even leading the way but we like how it feels to win and we know how to have fun doing it.

When it comes time for the Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) to select the players who will represent our association, Bracken Ridge Bulls players show up and play hard, play fair and play to win.

We’re not here to be the next big club but we will always be seeking ways to improve on our fantastic start. Our coaches are all accredited with Netball Australia, our Managers passionate about our club and our values, our Umpires open and approachable and our players are quite simply – amazing.

Our 2022 is just beginning and we are so excited to see how it goes. Good luck to everyone playing at BNA and when you play against us, although we will want to beat you, we will want to have fun and for you to have fun too.

We may be new to some but…

We are Bracken Ridge Bulls.

Bracken Ridge Indoor Sports (BRISports) has a long history of playing (and winning) Indoor Netball Federation of Queensland (INFQ) Super League Indoor Netball and of sending junior players to INFQ State Championships. In both of these endeavours, players have taken the court as Bulls.

In 2018 and 2019, we took it outside and sent a Boy’s Team to Netball Queensland Nissan State Age and various day carnivals across greater Brisbane.

Next step was a single team playing in Winter Fixtures at Caboolture Netball Association in 2020.

In 2021, for our next exciting step we are going to Chermside. Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) will have new teams from Bracken Ridge Bulls in their 2021 Winter Day Season.

We have more great sporting activities for you to enjoy. You can hire our facilities including Indoor Multi-sport courts, Beach Volleyball Courts, Tennis Courts, Netball Courts and Batting Cages or you can join one of our competitions in…

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Ask us about our many activities and discover how you might get involved.

Famous Bulls

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